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Centerville CSD Enters into Stage I of its Drought Contingency Plan

 This is an important message for all Centerville CSD customers.

August 27, 2021


The Centerville Community Services District has entered into Stage “I” of its Drought Contingency Plan (“Drought Plan”).  Having received a lowered water allocation, the District has acquired supplemental water supplies to offset those impacts to our customers.  However, at this time our actual usage is trending higher than what was projected which may impact the overall water budget scheduled.  As your water provider, we are asking that you voluntarily conserve this precious resource and follow the requirements of the Drought Plan to ensure that we all have sufficient water supplies throughout the remainder of the water year.    

What does this mean to me?  How can I help?

  • Limit your outdoor watering to three (3) days per week and only between the hours of 6:00 pm to 9:00 am.
  • Use efficient landscaping systems (drip, timed sprinkler, etc).
  • Do not install, nor empty and refill, a swimming pool, pond, or other feature at this time.
  • Limit running water use during showers, shaving, brushing your teeth and washing dishes.
  • Postpone new landscaping and/or utilize native plants or other water conserving vegetation.
  • Avoid overwatering your plants and permitting outdoor irrigation water to runoff.
  • Be sure to use a hose with a shut-off nozzle.
  • Do not apply potable water to driveways and sidewalks except for sanitation purposes.
  • Only use potable water in recirculating fountains or other water features.
  • Do not apply potable water to outdoor landscapes during or for 48 hours following a measurable rainfall.
  • Fix your leaks. Please call the office if you need help with identifying the source.

So, what happens if we don’t conserve water?

Should the usage continue to outpace the water supplies available it may be necessary to move from “voluntary” to “mandatory” conservation.  Water users both locally and throughout the state are experiencing severe shortages in meeting even basic water needs.  Help us help you by increasing your voluntary conservation today so that we have this precious water resource available for you tomorrow.

The complete Drought Plan can be found on our website at www.centervillecsd.org.

As always, please contact us at (530) 246-0680 or simply just stop by our office should you have any questions.  Together we shall succeed.


Chris Muehlbacher, PE

General Manager