New Water Service


Welcome to the Centerville Community Services District Community.  Please contact our office by phone to make application or simply print out and complete the appropriate service request application below.  We look forward to serving your water needs and providing you excellent customer service.

New Water Service Account

You can complete an application for new water service by stopping by the District Office, clicking on the Application for Water Service or by downloading the form below.


Upon applying for water service from the District, tenants and brokers shall deposit with the District the sum of $100.00 unless the property owner signs a Deposit Waiver and takes on the responsiblility should the tenant leave with a balance due on their account.  Click here for the Deposit Waiver form.


A Credit Deposit of $200.00 will be collected from all new customers, unless they can provide a clean payment history with no late payments over the last 12 months from their prior water provider. If they are renting the property, a $100.00 Credit Deposit will be collected along with the $100.00 Rental Deposit.  After 12 months of consequitive on time payments, the Credit Deposit will be applied to the account.  

Temporary Hydrant Meter Service

You can request a temporary water service from a fire hydrant meter by completing the Application for Hydrant Meter form below.  These temporary service applications are subject to approval and require a $500 deposit.  Please contact the office should you have any additional questions.

New Development / Will Serve Letter Request 

Please contact the office at your earliest convenience to discuss any property without existing water service.  Additional research may be necessary to determine what is required to make water service available.

An estimate of all related cost and fees will be provided for New Water Service Installations upon request; among the fees will be the Capacity Fee and the New Water Purchase Fee.  Other costs may include: water service construction, assessment districts, or reimbursement agreements (if applicable). 

For those seeking a Will Serve letter, please refer to the Will Serve Letter Policy link below for additional information.  Please contact the District Office should you have any questions.



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